Grocery shopping

There are a variety of Kosher products available in the grocery stores throughout the island. In addition to the products which come from America and have a Kosher symbol, there are various other foods which there are kosher options for - such as rice, pasta, etc. For specific products, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Marche U (the large supermarket by the airport) has a small freezer with a few frozen prebreaded chicken and turkey products.

AMC Gustavia (the grocery store across from the parking lot) has a selection of American products such as mayonnaise, nuts, and chips.

American Gourmet (Rue du General de Gaulle, Gustavia) has a large variety of specialty products, of which many are kosher. As well, they have a small selection of raw Kosher meats.


You can buy Baguette Tradition in the bakery La Petite Colombe, located on the road towards Colombier.


There is Kosher wine available in many stores. The availability is constantly changing.

American Gourmet

Marche U

La Cave du Port Franc (located in Public)

Le Gout du Vin (Rue du Roi Oscar II in Gustavia)

Le Cellier du Gouverneur (across from AMC in Gustavia)

AMC Gustavia

For Shabbat Catering, sandwich, and meat/wine options email us at